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  商品編號: DVDXX13338
  商品名稱: Server Genius Multilingual-監視遠程桌面服務器
  光碟片數: 1片
  銷售價格: $100元
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Server Genius Multilingual-監視遠程桌面服務器
Server Genius是一款功能全面的監視遠程桌面服務器,它將所有伺服器和應用程式關鍵效能資料集中在一個地方,以便您可以相應地管理您的網路基礎框架,另外,它很容易安裝,使用和維護, 可以幫助您優化生產並節省時間和金錢,深層服務器監視器和服務器指標可準確顯示問題所在,無論是在服務器,網絡還是應用程序級別,使用更少的資源管理更多資源,並確保為您的服務器和網絡設備提供最高級別的可用性24/7,同時監控您的RDS服務器(處理器,內存,性能,流量......)以及網站和遠程會話!虛擬和物理監控服務器是您整個業務的心臟,通過統一監控,您可以集中管理改善網絡所需的所有信息,通過實時警報檢測問題。

Server Genius is an integrated monitoring solution: our server monitoring tool simultaneously monitors your RDS Servers (processors, memory, performance, traffic…) as well as Websites and Remote Sessions! Virtual and physical monitored servers ARE THE BEATING HEART of your whole business. With unified monitoring, all the information you need to improve your network is centralized. Detect issues with real-time alerts.

Server Genius helps you optimizing your production and saves you time and money: deep server monitors and server metrics show you exactly where the problem is, regardless if it’s at the server, network, or application level. Manage more with fewer resources and ensure the highest level of availability for your servers and network devices 24/7.