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  商品編號: DVDXX17641
  商品名稱: Antivirus One Pro 3.3.1 MacOS 防病毒軟件
  光碟片數: 1片
  銷售價格: $100元
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Antivirus One Pro 3.3.1 MacOS 防病毒軟件
使用防病毒軟件,您的個人網絡安全專家,保護您的數字錢包和鑰匙鏈的安全。Antivirus One提供實時防病毒監控,保護您的Mac免受廣告軟件、勒索軟件、間諜軟件和各種惡意軟件攻擊。

由世界上最大的反病毒和間諜軟件活動監測實驗室Trend Micro獨家開發。使用這些強大的防病毒一級保護功能保護您的Mac

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Keep your digital wallets and keychains safe with Antivirus One, your personal cyber security expert. Antivirus One offers live antivirus monitoring to protect your Mac from adware, ransomware, spyware and all kinds of malware attacks.

Developed exclusively by the world’s largest antivirus and spyware active monitoring lab at Trend Micro. Secure your Mac with these powerful Antivirus One protection features:

1. Real Time Scan
• Provides real time protection against threats.

2. Virus Scan
• Quickly scan virus to safeguard your Mac

3. Virus Clean
• Clean virus completely for the security of your system and privacy

4. Adware Cleaner
• Protect your Mac from adware and browser Hijackers

5. Privacy Cleaner
• Customize your transparency. You can even be invisible without leaving any trace in web browser

6. Safe Search
• Flags each search result in Google Search Engine to let you know if the site is safe or unsafe

7. Web Threat Protection
• Prevents users from visiting phishing websites.

In-App Purchases: Pro Version - included.

Supported Operation Systems:
macOS 10.12 or later 64-bit